CV Lattes

M.Sc. 2011 with Izeni Farias and Maria Nazareth F. da Silva

Mário studied as an undergraduate at UFAM, and for his undergraduate project working on the phylogeography of Cichla. This project led to a collaboration with Stuart Willis.  Mário was a recipient of the prestigious CNPq PIBIC fellowship, and runner-up (2nd place) in the 2005 PIBIC national - all Brazil - student project competition. For his Masters degree, Mario undertook a phylogeographic study of a marsupial species group.  Since 2012 Mario holds a position of a biologist at UFAM, and is involved in many of the research projects conducted in LEGAL, as well as being responsible for many aspects of the day to day functioning of the lab. His own research interests lie with phylogenetics, phylogeography and diversification of South American rodents.

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