CV Lattes

M.Sc. 2008 with Lukas Rüber and Ralf Britz; Ph.D. 2012 with Karen F. Armstrong and Robert H. Cruickshank

Rupert has a broad range of interests in ecology and evolution, but works mainly with fishes. He did Masters in the Natural History Museum of London on the biogeography of leaf-fishes (Polycentridae and Nandidae), and for his Ph.D. a barcoding analysis of native and invasive freshwater fishes of New Zealand at Lincoln University, Christchurch.  During the course of his Ph.D. he also worked on DNA barcoding theory and he is a co-author of a well received R package used for DNA barcoding analyses. For his postdoc he received the prestigious Young Talent, Science Without Borders Program fellowship to work on analyses of Amazonian vertebrate biodiversity.

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