CV Lattes

M.Sc. 2010 with Sandra Clemencia Pardo Carrasco; Ph.D. 2015 with Izeni Farias and Tomas Hrbek

José is interested in management and conservation of aquatic resources, and in genomic techniques as applied to conservation and management. For his Masters thesis José studied techniques of crio-preservation of sperm of Prochilodus magdalenae under the supervision of Sandra Clemencia Pardo Carrasco at UNAL, Medellin, Colombia. For his Ph.D. José undertook a comparative phylogeographic study of eight fish species shared between the Amazon and Orinoco basin using traditional sequencing and next generation sequencing approaches. This study was done in collaboration with Susana Caballero of UniAndes, Bogota, Colombia.  José is did his Ph.D. in the Biotechnology program of UFAM under the supervision of Izeni Farias and Tomas Hrbek.  In his postdoc José is expanding these studies.

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