CV Lattes

M.Sc. 2004 with Lucia Giuliano Caetano; Ph.D. 2007 with Luiz Alberto dos Santos Monjeló and Izeni Farias

Cleiton is interested primarily in turtles and tortoises. Cleiton is addresses questions of multiple paternity in the nests of three freshwater turtle species of the genus Podocnemis (P. sextuberculata, P. unifilis and P. erythrocephala) using microsatellite DNA markers. Chromosomal studies are also being developed in order to better characterize citogenetically species of the genus Podocnemis. Cleiton finished his Ph.D. in the UFAM Biotechnology program, and shortly thereafter obtained a position as a professor of biotechnology at Universidade do Estado do Amazonas (UEA) in Manaus.

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