This is a partial catalogue of past members of the LEGAL laboratory. Majority of Masters students went on to Ph.D. programs, or took up teaching positions in academia or professional positions with government and non-profit organizations. Students went on to pursue their Ph.D. at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Puerto Rico (UPR), Ruprecht-Karls University (Heidelberg), University of Exeter, Federal University of São Carlos, Federal University of Santa Maria, Federal University of Pernambuco, as well as continuing their within one of the INPA or UFAM graduate programs. Almost all students who obtained Ph.D. have tenure track position in federal or state institutions of higher learning, or have postdoctoral positions. Appointments by our former students are at Federal University of Maranhão, Federal University of Espírito Santo, Federal University of Amazonas, Federal University of Alagoas, Federal Rural University of Pernambuco, University of the State of Amazonas, University of the State of Pará, State University of Feira de Santana and Federal Institute of Espírito Santo among others.

Sergio Alejandro López Pabón

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