Dye - Taq

Stock solution: 10mM Cresol Red

1. 0.202 g Cresol Red (Sigma C 9877)
2. Bring up to 50 ml with ddH2O
3. Autoclave for 25 minutes
4. Store at 4°C

Working solution

1. 20 ml of 10mM Cresol Red
2. 60 g Sucrose
3. 100 ml ddH2O
4. Autoclave for 25 minutes
5. Store at 4°C

The working solution of the dye is used as a replacement for water, so that in the end it constitutes 1/5 total volume of the PCR reaction, or of course the amounts can be recalculated and put straight into the Taq. The dye should not be used in Microsat PCR reactions that will be resolved on an automatic sequencer.

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