GelStar dye (substitute for Ethidium Bromide)

Original solution: 10,000x concentrate
Stock solution: 20x concentrate

1. Prepare 20X stock solution by combining 10 μl of the 10,000x concentrate with 4,990 μl of DMSO in a falcon tube (never add the GelStar first to the empty falcon tube because if the tube is not from polycarbonate material, the GelStar will bind to the plastic).
2. Store in dark in the refrigerator.
3. Combine 2 parts of the 20x stock solution with 3 parts of working solution of “blue” DNA loading dye (gelstar work solution).

Use 1 part GelStar working solution to 1 part PCR product for loading onto agarose gels – the final concentration of GelStar is actually 4x, and thus the working solution can be dilluted further if desired.

GelStart may also used in other less efficient ways. These are:

1- Add 5 μl of the 10,000X GelStar concentrate to 100 mL of agarose solution
2- Add 5 μl of the 10,000X GelStar concentrate to 100 mL of running buffer (TBE, TE, Borate)

From experience, we have found that GelStar works best if agarose is prepared in a borate buffer, and run in a borate buffer. Furthermore, it seems to be more subject to smearing, so for a 1% agarose gel, do not run at voltages higher than 70 volts.

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